Monday, August 8, 2011

Your land retreat

This 378 acre property features 180 acres of irrigated land, two ponds (one 25 acres, one 5 acres) with ample water source and fishing plus a small cabin sittuated in Lee County Georgia. It is a solid investment with current farming income, recreational value, and future development potential.

There are 172.9 crop base acres - 90 acres of Wheat, 49.6 acres of Corn, and 33.3 of Peanut.

The parcel is easily divided into smaller tracts. The drawing is approximate.


  1. What is the price? It appears the property line divides a large lake. What is the size of the lake? Who lives on the other side of the lake? Who owns it?

  2. The lake is 25 acres and the pond is 5 acres. The big lake is jointly owned. The asking price is $1.5 million.

  3. Can the property be divided? Would you sell a 40 acre portion.

  4. The property is divisable, but is being sold as a whole. You could purchase then sell off parcels, or I have other tracts 20 to 40 acres if you want a smaller plot.

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